Carole & Tuesday Episode 21: One last song

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Angela deals with Dahlia's hospitalization

I’m not sure what to make of this show now. It honestly feels like it’s racing to reach the ending. I think it’s a shame too. This week’s episode introduces multiple subplots that I think could have been interesting, like Carole’s relationship with Amer and Angela’s growing anxiety. Maybe it’s just me, but I felt like they happen too quickly to really mean anything.

Amer opens up to Carole

Honestly, I think Amer has a decent story to tell. I just think it’s condensed too much. There’s something to be said about being forced to don a mask to survive, but it’s hard for me to buy that this persona that he’s spent so much time building could be broken down with two short conversations with Carole. The two definitely have a strong relationship, but Amer jumps to romantic love in a heartbeat.

Angela questions herself

Similarly, Angela’s struggle with the nature of her birth seems to come out of nowhere. I think it’s fine for Dahlia’s outburst to force Angela to question their relationship and investigate. Angela is basically finding out that she might have been taken in just for her talent. But she just suddenly pops up with a birth certificate and spirals into drugs.

Spencer returns

Spencer’s taking on a lot of risk by returning to Valerie as a double agent. It seems like an incredibly obvious ploy, so I respect him if he’s got a better plan up his sleeve. It’s hard to tell so far.

Carole and Tuesday come up with their last song

The music hall in the intro of every episode is starting to make more sense based on the nature of this “last song”. To be fair, I thought the song was pretty good, so no complaints here. It does make me wonder if there’s supposed to be another performance after the Grammies, though.

Crystal offers to help

Crystal’s appearance is also throwing me off. It feels weird for Carole and Tuesday’s miraculous performance to involve a collaboration with an established artist. Maybe it can work if Crystal is just an opening act, but this also makes me think there needs to be another performance.

Tao secretly hacks

Meanwhile, Tao is doing sketchy stuff. As for the final scene, I do hope that he ends up going to Angela in response for her plea for help. I vaguely wonder if this is meant to set up a romance between the two, which might be going too far. But it would be nice to see him actually care for her.

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