Kanata no Astra Episode 11: Purposeful

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Charce reminisces

Surprisingly enough, I found this week’s episode entertaining. I think that the way Charce’s story was told could have been better, but I felt that his overall characterization worked well. He’s not necessarily relatable, but he seems to be illustrating a concept that I think about a lot. But anyway, I’m curious to see how the series will resolve the remaining plot threads in next week’s finale. I’ve heard that it might be a double-length episode, so that might help things out.

Charce takes pride in his life

Charce’s story really gets at the idea of purpose, and how we live our lives. He takes pride in life because he lives with a singular goal in mind while others wander aimlessly searching for something of their own. I actually loved this moment, because I’m the type of person who grew up with no clear goal. I’m very familiar with Charce’s form of pride, because I spent much of my youth thinking about how people could figure it all out.

Seira is cloned against her will

When all is said and done, we can clearly see as the audience that Charce is just living his life as a drone. To be fair, he ends up coming off as someone who’s just trying to please his father, which isn’t the most uncommon thing in the world. However, it makes his character pitiable in a sense.

Emma agrees to raise Aries

I liked the story behind Aries and her mother, though. I think it’s great that Aries truly was loved as she thought she was and that there was a legitimate reason behind it. I just wished the series could have come up with a better reason to put Aries on the trip than “well, it must be a secret assassination plot again”. The explanation feels like such a hand wave.

Seira is assassinated

Speaking of which, Seira’s own death was pretty random. I can understand why the king wasn’t a great culprit, given that he went so far as to force her to create a clone as a countermeasure against death. However, the nature of her actual death feels completely artificial. I guess we still have an episode left for a more satisfying explanation, but yeesh.

Kanata tries to save Charce

I do like how proactive Kanata tends to be in this show. I get that this is supposed to be a callback to the first episode, but I think it might have been more cool if Kanata ran straight through the sphere and came back out on the other side. I guess the sphere is a one-way trip, but I think it would have been a cool way to think with portals.

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