Kanata no Astra Episode 10: Finding the enemy

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Zack tries to figure out the current situation

This series is just full of reveals, isn’t it? Part of me is okay with this, because the story has been fairly interesting so far. But another part of me questions whether this timing makes sense. It’s almost like all of this stuff is being crammed in for the last planet before Astra, and it’s just trying to be as wild as possible. Maybe I’m over-thinking it.

Polina tries to reconcile the two historical accounts

I wonder if it was just too subtle for me to notice, but I think the series could have done a better job of setting up the idea that the world of this series had lost its sense for history. I know Charce’s kingdom was supposed to be more traditional or something, but this feels like the sort of thing that would have larger societal impact. It could just be a consequence of spending the entirety of the series far from home.

Polina is shocked to hear about more wars

Given the current options, I’m more inclined to believe Polina’s version of history. I wonder if it’s overly obvious because of the kids’ obvious disregard for history, but it seems like the best resolution. While I think the idea of parallel timelines is interesting, I get the feeling it’s a bit much.

Yunhua wonders about the time passed

The time dilation is the part that I’m having the most trouble reconciling. You can explain away most of the inconsistencies in the kids’ recounting of history by saying that adults doctored history. The timer on Polina’s hibernation pod doesn’t quite add up in that situation, though. She was supposed to be in stasis for 12 years. Did she actually travel to the future?

Kanata replays the scene

Seeing Kanata replay the first episode’s events to come to his conclusion about the traitor was cool. He seems to have a lot of surprisingly bright moments in this series. I guess he makes a good captain after all.

Kanata comes up with a plan to trap Ulgar

As I stated in an earlier episode, Ulgar seemed like the obvious candidate for the traitor. But that’s not really the reason I didn’t believe this scene. Kanata approaches Charce and Zack with the conclusion that Ulgar was the traitor all along, but he never explains why. Charce ends up just accepting it, but I would have a hard time taking “I know who the killer is” at face value.

Charce reveals himself

I think the piece of this episode that surprised me the most was the fact that Charce was in control of the sphere. It’s admittedly an oversight on my part, though. I mean, how else could the sphere follow everyone to other planets? I just liked the idea that the traitor was working independently from whoever was trying to kill everyone. I guess it makes more sense for it to be linked.

5 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Episode 10: Finding the enemy”

  1. “You can explain away most of the inconsistencies in the kids’ recounting of history by saying that adults doctored history. The timer on Polina’s hibernation pod doesn’t quite add up in that situation”

    Yeah, big, big hole… or we still don’t know the whole story. Still strikes me as kinda sloppy writing though.

    I think they’re trying to rush things to reach Astra before the series is over. That (from their POV) makes a nice place for people going from the anime to the manga to pick up at.

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