Kanata no Astra Episode 9: The big secret

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Kanata's father trains a strong body

I feel like this week’s episode was a surprisingly casual reveal for how big the conspiracy was. I guess when you really think about it, the majority of the episode was the crew reacting to the news, but it was arguably front-loaded. I’m not sure how I feel about the episode as a whole, though. It seems very much like the story is giving us the “villains revealing their master plan” scene, but I do like how the cloning angle explains a lot of the show.

Zack's father tries to swap the conspirators into younger bodies

The motivation behind the cloning scheme makes sense, I guess. I also like how it makes the parents’ earlier line so much creepier. When we were first introduced to them, they often mentioned that losing their children felt like their bodies were being torn apart. Given how they talk about their children now, it certainly does have a renewed meaning.

The plan is revealed

As I mentioned before, this reveal feels a bit forced. Maybe I’m over-thinking it, but it feels like the plan is laid out in too much detail. It’s almost like they’re feeding the information to me.

Aries has a nice mother

Aries’s mother was the adult that confused me at first, so I’m interested in this theory that she’s not part of the plot. I’m curious to see how Aries factors into things. However, part of me is afraid that the kids accidentally get it exactly right, and Aries is a clone of someone else entirely who was lovingly raised by her foster mother. The best candidate at the moment is probably Seira.

Luca is okay with things

I also liked that Luca was the person who was most okay with being a clone, having already been primed by his experiences with his gender. As I mentioned before, much of the episode involves watching the characters react to learning about their origins, but this was an interesting moment.

Quitterie has an announcement

This scene about the marriage was hilarious. It was a great way to improve the mood, and it leveraged a scene that I already liked from a previous episode. Zack and Quitterie’s relationship is awesome.

Polina finds out about her planet

Well, I certainly wonder what’s left for this show. It feels like the main reveal was in this episode. I’m starting to get worried that Polina only exists to add some extra time with her personal drama. I look forward to seeing what her story is, since she currently feels tacked on.

2 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Episode 9: The big secret”

  1. Open with a big reveal, cliffhanger with a different big reveal… ya gotta admit, it’s an interesting narrative choice if nothing else. With only three eps left to go, I wonder how they’re gonna wrap it up.

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