Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Episode 8: Old friends

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Mage killing is common

It looks like this arc is going to justify its length by balancing multiple stories at the same time. It’s probably still too early to tell how that will go, but it seems interesting so far. Waver seems to handle some of his Iskandar issues in this episode, so not too much time is devoted to main mystery. For whatever reason, it looks like the episode ends with Melvin deciding to join the story as well.

Karabo attempts to look into the past

Ah, isn’t this just always the case when you have a convenient power? It just fails to work for story reasons. That being said, I do like this idea of having a perpetrator who is invisible to time. I have no idea what it means, but it could be cool. I’m also wondering whether the same perpetrator is meant to be responsible for everything on this train. I think it’s better if it isn’t just one common culprit.

Adashino reveals her investigation results

I appreciate the story’s efforts to bring the side stories from earlier episodes back into the spotlight, but I really do hope the story doesn’t settle on a single person to explain every mystery. I think at least Iskandar’s mantle should be something different. Either that or the train itself is responsible for everything somehow.

Hephaestion attacks Waver

It wasn’t hard to guess that Hephaestion would be someone related to Iskandar, but her entrance was pretty cool. I’m not personally a fan of the warrior mentality in general, but I think she does a good job of challenging Waver in a meaningful way. She’s not just a powerful presence, since she also has some personal significance.

Waver holds Gray back

I also like that Waver personally faces off against Hephaestion after her speech. He’s generally a weak fighter, but he’s still willing to step in for his friend, even if it ends up injuring him in the end.

Shishigou discusses Kayneth with Luvia

I don’t really know what Luvia and Shishigou are doing on the side, but it’s fun to watch the two interact. I’ll be curious to see how that investigation eventually comes back to the main story.

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