Carole & Tuesday Episode 18: Love troubles

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Tao doesn't understand

This week’s episode was a sad one, but I think it was an interesting way to show Tuesday the pain of being lovesick. I’m still not sure I enjoy how far the series is veering into Valerie’s campaign parallels, but I guess we’ll have to see how that turns out. I signed on to watch two girls make their way to the top as musicians, so it’s been an odd detour. That being said, I do like that this episode gives Carole a chance to really support Tuesday.

Kyle asks for some secrets

While I had a hard time with how quickly Tuesday fell for Kyle, I think I respect how the episode handled it. As far as I could tell, Kyle doesn’t do much to lead Tuesday on or take advantage of her. Instead, Tuesday develops her own crush and falls under her own misinterpretation. It’s a sad scene for her, but it feels perfectly reasonable.

Angela deals with her stalker

Angela’s stalker is another plot device that’s starting to get a bit tired. I wonder what the series plans to do with that. The best I can come up with is that it’s meant to be a way to keep Angela from rocketing ahead. Her fame gives her a general edge over Carole and Tuesday in their competition, but the stalker could be the show’s way of doubling down on the drawbacks of that fame.

Terrorists blow up the weather station

I assume that this attack was a plot from Valerie’s sketchy campaign manager, but I’m not sure. Am I the only one that thinks it’s too on the nose? I get that Valerie’s supposed to be pointing at issues in the current political climate, but you could be more subtle about it.

Turning to Tao

I’m very curious to see how Tao factors into Valerie’s campaign. On one hand, he’s in the music industry, so he doesn’t seem that useful in the world of politics. But on the other hand, he seems to be a big deal in the world of AI, so it might just have to do with that.

Tuesday finds Carole

I really liked this scene between Carole and Tuesday. Carole basically predicts that this would happen at the start of the episode, so it’s great that she’s only there for support when the time comes.

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