Kanata no Astra Episode 8: Astronaut friend

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Kanata revives the hibernating woman

Well, I feel like that comment I made about the situation resolving itself quickly is becoming strangely relevant. That being said, this episode was still a lot of fun. The introduction of Polina as the adult in the group might add a new dynamic to the group. The series also seems to be toying with the idea of time dilation in a cool way. It could very well end up as a red herring, which is why I think it adds to the mystery well.

Polina wishes to return home

I’m sure this was mentioned briefly in the first episode somewhere, but I’m guessing the main characters don’t come from Earth. I’m really curious to see where this goes…

Kanata admits the crew's current situation

It was a tough scene, but I liked seeing Polina overreact to her rescue. She concludes that she would only be awakened if a rescue party had arrived, and Kanata basically dashes that hope. In fact, Polina’s full of interesting assumptions. She also assumes that the crew is taking her back to Earth, after all.

Zack beats himself up a bit

I liked how Zack was characterized in this episode. He’s generally stoic, but he feels personally responsible for crashing the ship. Any other member of the crew would probably had a much harder time as a pilot, but Zack takes his shortcomings seriously. In addition to that, his scenes with Quitterie in this episode are awesome. That marriage proposal is probably the greatest thing ever.

Polina reacts to the year

Curse you! Don’t give me hope for a time travel mechanic! But in all honesty, this wasn’t a hard one to guess. Polina acted like she was one of the pioneers of space travel, so it’s impossible to believe that she was only in stasis for 12 years. The main characters live in a world where interstellar travel is commonplace.

Quitterie finds something weird

And to add one last wrinkle into the episode, it looks like Quitterie and Funi are exact clones. Given the earlier comment about cloning with Luca’s father and the strained relationships the characters have with their parents, I feel like I have to conclude that this doesn’t just extend to Quitterie and Funi. Zack also mentioned something about memory transfer, so I really want to see this play out.

2 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Episode 8: Astronaut friend”

  1. This episode did raise a lot of questions. I’m still a little disappointed at how quickly they resolved the broken space ship situation, but there was a lot going on here and I agree that the marriage proposal was great to watch.

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