Vinland Saga Episode 7: Storm the fort

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Sweyn must withdraw

Thorfinn really seems to be having trouble making progress. Anyway, it looks like this week’s episode is bringing the war back into the story. The action in this series is cool so far, so it’s nice to see more of it. This week’s episode features a random time skip, so I’m starting to wonder how long we’ll continue to watch Thorfinn follow these pirates around.

Askeladd joins the Franks

I thought it was funny to see the pirates joining with the invading Franks in order to get some treasure. That aspect of their roaming allegiances is interesting to see. I’m not sure I even remember hearing which country the defending army belonged to. I feel like I’m just watching the pirates do their thing.

Thorfinn invades alone

Thorfinn’s constant solo missions make me question him as a character, to be honest. I know he’s the protagonist and all, but he seems to push the limits of his plot armor. I don’t mind that Askeladd thinks of him as a sacrificial lamb who has a chance of improving the battle outcome, but there’s a limit to how effective he can be. I think it’s been fine so far, but I do wonder how far it will go.

The pirates charge

This scene was a fun one. It’s probably too obscure of a reference, but it reminds me of a unit from Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, which is just a bunch of dudes that carry a ship and throw it on enemies. I’m sure this is based on a real historical strategy, but I certainly don’t know what it is.

Thorfinn slices an enemy

Thorfinn’s battle sequence had some questionable moments where the camera zooms out weirdly, but I still thought it was nice. I liked seeing the return of the first-person view of the attacks. I also like that we’ve only seen that style with Thors and Thorfinn so far. You could maybe call it a family trait.

Thorfinn challenges Askeladd again

Given how dead Thorfinn’s eyes looked in this episode, I really want him to get his fight with Askeladd. I think it would be great if he wins the duel, and it finally gives him the breathing room to look at what he’s become. Then, he starts on some sort of journey to discover who he is without his vendetta.

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