Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Episode 7: Murder on a train

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Waver is joined by the tech guy

It looks like we’re locked in to this story for a while. Looking back, I probably should have noticed that the full title for this series mentions Rail Zeppelin. This sketchy train for trafficking Mystic Eyes certainly explains why the series has spent so much time on them so far. I’ll be curious to see how Waver fares in a longer mystery story. He tends to solve things immediately, so I wonder how things will change up over six episodes.

Olga-Marie introduces herself

Most of this episode was spent introducing characters, so there’s not too much to comment on so far. It certainly seems like we’ll have plenty of suspects for this mystery. It’s also kind of hilarious that Olga-Marie is a familiar face despite the fact that I know very little about her character. Thanks for that, Fate/Grand Order.

Shishigou gets a request

It also looks like there will be a bit of a parallel story in this arc involving hidden support from Shishigou. I think it would be cool if this brought in the other side characters as well. Flat and Svin really didn’t get much more than an episode to do stuff in this series so far.

Olga-Marie proposes a deal

I’m admittedly not very versed with auctions, but I’m not sure how Olga-Marie’s recruitment of Waver helps her. Isn’t adding another bidder just a way to increase the final price? I suppose it’s a magic auction, so the rules could be anything.

Karabo sees Gray's past

So, this train has a set of Mystic Eyes to see the past and another set to see the future. I wonder if that’s supposed to be important or something. Karabo has certainly been suspicious throughout the episode. His dramatic entrance makes me think he’s just a distraction, but he was definitely listening in when Waver reads the letter from whoever stole Iskandar’s mantle.

Waver finds a body

Honestly, Trisha’s mysterious personality made me wonder if she’s the ultimate mastermind in this story. I suppose it’s still possible since her head was missing. However, it could just as easily mean that it was taken because of her Mystic Eyes.

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