Fruits Basket Episode 20: Helping out some more

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The anime is a problem itself

We’re really getting a lot of one-offs lately. As with most episodes, Tohru is here to solve all problems with yet another zodiac character from the Souma family. Hiro wasn’t the most pleasant character to add to the cast, but I found his blunt criticism funny in some cases. If anything, this episode works to further highlight the messed up personality of Akito.

Tohru figures some stuff out

Tohru’s still cute in this episode, but I do think it’s interesting that Hiro calls her out for her personality in their interactions. While she eventually wins him over, I’m curious to see if the show does anything with Tohru as the story progresses. At a certain point, you have to admit that she’s nice to a fault.

Tohru gives Hiro a penalty

Well, that’s one way to figure out a zodiac animal. How many are we at now?

Hiro tries to ignore Kisa

I’m not sure how I feel about including Akito in Hiro’s backstory. It gives Hiro a powerful impression of courage, but I almost think that his regret for being unable to help Kisa is enough. That being said, Akito’s a real piece of work if two zodiac characters aren’t even allowed to have a relationship. Yeesh…

Hiro questions Tohru

I think it’s funny that Hiro approaches Tohru with a sense of curiosity. It’s more that he can’t believe that everyone else has built a healthy relationship with her. I am curious to see how things go, though. Hatori mentions in this episode that the cursed Soumas have terrible luck with love, so I wonder how Tohru will play into that. I think it would be cool if Tohru’s personal growth inspires the rest of the characters, rather than just using her raw personality.

Tohru wonders what Hiro will become

I guess I’m mostly reacting to the sense of finality that’s been in recent episodes. It almost seems like many of these character arcs are quickly being resolved. So, I think I’d like to see something more come out of these stories.

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