Kanata no Astra Episode 7: Suddenly marooned

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Charce is asked to explain his situation

Well, Charce seems to have wormed himself out of the situation from last week’s episode, but the crisis is only escalating. This series is getting a lot more intriguing, even if I think the drama feels more heavy-handed than I’d like. I like to see the mystery in this series building. I also appreciate that the adventure is starting to get harder. The lighthearted air to the series wasn’t bad, but it’s not really what I signed up for.

Charce tells his story

I believe Charce’s story to an extent, but I still find him suspicious. That being said, I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s thinking that the Seira in his story is Aries, right? I feel like their names are evidence enough. I guess part of me is hoping there’s something more to that story, since my current suspicions would mean a fairly standard amnesia route.

The Astra crashes

Things sure did go from bad to worse in a hurry. Part of me feels like it might have been too fast, but what can you do? Honestly, I’m surprised that Zack gives up so quickly. The group goes from casually flying through the sky to resigning themselves to life on the planet without much effort. I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s hard for me to believe them?

Zack mentions the hibernation device

I actually don’t mind that Zack brings up the hibernation device at this specific moment. I get that the story is bringing up a plot device right as it’s about to become relevant, but I think it works well with the reveal of an identical ship. And I think this scene doubles as a character scene for Quitterie as well. She was the selfish character in the beginning, but she refuses to die alone when given the opportunity.

The team finds another ship

In contrast, we’re about to meet the person who made the decision that Quitterie wouldn’t, so I’m curious to see how that goes. I was honestly expecting the girl who came out of the hibernation pod to look like Quitterie to make things even more interesting, but I guess that’s not where this story is going. I do think it would be cool if the people on this other ship went through the exact same journey as the main characters. It might explain why they were able to find the route through the planets back to their home. Maybe it’s intentional.

2 thoughts on “Kanata no Astra Episode 7: Suddenly marooned”

  1. This new Astra discovery opens up a whole bunch more questions and possibilities. I’m enjoying the story and I liked the escalating danger in this episode as while the kids have had issues to overcome on the other planets, this now feels like a real trial to overcome and I’m hoping we see them at their best because of it.

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