Lord El-Melloi II Case Files Episode 6: Adding too many toppings

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Luvia strikes an ojou-sama pose

Well, I don’t have too much to say about this episode. It’s largely a side story, focusing on Gray, Luvia, and Reines. I think it’s entertaining enough, but it largely felt like down time. It’s interesting to see more of Luvia, I suppose. I didn’t expect her to be a major character. The episode seems to end by setting up a larger story, so I’m curious to see where the series goes from here.

Gray is put into outfits

It’s a minor point, but I really question how this story is structured. The episode starts out with the girls in the middle of their crisis, and then goes back to tell the story of how they got there. I feel like this technique is generally intended to make you wonder a bit, but I didn’t get that sense while I was watching. I guess I question how much is really gained by doing it.

Gray and Luvia deal with Reines

That being said, I did enjoy watching Reines, Gray, and Luvia interact with each other. Luvia and Reines seem to have fairly similar personalities, so they clash well. Meanwhile, Gray feels like she’s stuck between them despite arguably being the strongest of the three.

Gray tries to figure out the situation

It’s also kind of nice to see Gray attempt to think like Waver in the situation. She doesn’t get all the way to the answer, but I think that makes sense. The mystery becomes more of a collaborative effort.

Trim learns some sketchy stuff

Trim’s outburst in this episode was surprisingly hilarious. I wasn’t expecting her to be anything more than background noise. It’s probably more hilarious than Luvia’s sudden wrestling moves, which are funny in their own way.

The mystery is solved

I do like that the reasoning behind the incident is addressed in the end. It’s a bit of a shaky conclusion, but I like that it fits with Gray’s initial deduction. I’m just not sure how I feel about a security system deeming the three girls as treasures that shouldn’t leave the store. I mean, it’s Luvia’s store, right? Why doesn’t this happen to her more often?

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