Fruits Basket Episode 19: Finding purpose

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Mitsuru is upset

I’ve lost count of how many zodiac animals are remaining, but I guess I need to add another one to the list. Ritsu’s not the easiest character to watch, given his personality, but I enjoyed watching his progression in the episode. I also think he complements Mitsuru well. I do wonder what parts Ritsu and Kisa will end up playing in the overall story. The two characters seem to have made it a lot further in recover than many of their other siblings.

Tohru recognizes Ritsu

I think it’s hilarious that Tohru is able to identify Ritsu solely from his mother. His personality is certainly hard to deal with, but I liked how the episode put it into context. I also think that it’s funny that he shows up just because he found out about the other zodiac animals introducing themselves to Tohru.

Ritsu feels sorry for his parents

After seeing the reason behind his behavior, I see Ritsu’s behavior as somewhat admirable. In a sense, he becomes apologetic because he doesn’t want to force his parents to apologize in his place. It doesn’t seem particularly effective with his mother, but I think the sentiment is selfless.

Tohru tries to comfort Ritsu

I also strongly agree with Tohru’s belief of finding personal meaning. I support the idea that purpose is a thing found through life, not something a person is born with. I do think that having her nearly fall of the roof was a bit much, but the themes behind the scene were great.

Mitsuru chastises Shigure

I like that Mitsuru and Ritsu were able to become friends. Their individual personalities aside, I think that the two characters are good together. It would be nice to see them become a couple in the future.

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