Carole & Tuesday Episode 15: Making connections

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The girls build some stamina

This week’s episode didn’t have all too much going on, but I still thought it was great despite Desmond’s role as a one-and-done character. The series is layering on politics through Tuesday’s mother more than I expected, but I appreciated how it contributed to the contrast in this episode. I do somewhat question what the overall gain from the episode was, but I think it works if you look at it as a launching pad.

Gus tries to tell the girls about Desmond

I was happy to see that Desmond wasn’t as quirky as I expected from the initial introduction. I definitely did get a “spiritual” vibe, but it was surprisingly subtle. I was expecting eccentric recluse, to be honest.

Desmond talks about Mars radiation

This is an admittedly random piece of worldbuilding, but I think it’s interesting. I’m assuming Dahlia experienced something similar. I say random mostly because I feel like Desmond’s story has the same impact without that revelation. Perhaps it’s meant to explain the “connection to the world” principle.

Tuesday's mother attacks Hamilton

As I’ve mentioned before, I suspect that this focus on Tuesday’s mother as a politician is just an excuse to put her in conflict with Carole later in the story. That being said, I like that this episode uses it to play into the general theme of contrast. As Desmond is inspiring Carole and Tuesday as they’re launching their first single, Tuesday’s mother is similarly jumping off on her own campaign.

Desmond talks about connections

In addition to that, Tuesday’s mother pushes a platform of separation of Mars from Earth, whereas Desmond inspires the girls to think about how they can connect themselves to others. I actually really liked Desmond’s concept of connection and how it leads to eternity. By interacting with others, you shape them in small ways, which leads to larger changes. In that way, you can live on through the people you meet.

Desmond's AI seems interesting

This is also a small scene, but I’m curious this small scene with Desmond’s AI. I’m guessing the main point is that it has developed human-like tendencies from having interacted with a person for over twenty years. I just wonder if there’s something more going on (not necessarily a Psycho Pass type thing, but maybe something similar).

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