Granbelm Episode 4: First in line

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Kuon schools Anna

I’m enjoying the character stories that this series seems determined to tell, but I think they’ve been fairly superficial so far. This week’s battle once again ends much sooner than I expected, so I’m curious to see what the series does with the extra time in the real world. The fights in this episode were cool, but the battle royale aspect of it made it pretty chaotic.

Nene remembers her mother

I feel like we didn’t get too much information about Nene’s past in this episode. It felt to me like the episode was giving us just enough to know that she’s the first character that the series will focus on. I guess we can gather that her mother was an advocate of hiding magical abilities, and that it was probably related to why she abandoned Nene.

Anna gets more upset

I’m still not sure how I feel about Anna as a character. I get the sense that she will become sympathetic in the future, but I’m not seeing any proof that my initial evaluation of her issues was false. On the other hand, we got a brief moment with Shingetsu in this episode where she seemed to be apologizing. So, I wonder if Shingetsu’s story is just that she wanted to be close with Anna, but she ended up making Anna resent her in her efforts.

The fight rages on

It’s mentioned a couple of times in this episode, but I find it interesting that the characters reference a “larger fight” at the beginning of the Granbelm. Just how many mages participated in it? This revelation almost makes me feel less sympathetic for Mangetsu and Kuon, who seem to have avoided the hard part.

Kuon introduces herself

I’m surprised that the alliances are forming so quickly, but it certainly makes things more fun. I’m hoping that this development breaks the chaos of large-scale fight. I think it would be a great way to validate the combat so far. Also, I guess Kuon could be easily explained as a replacement if we find out that her sister was one of the initial participants in Granbelm.

Nene does some recon

Next week’s episode isn’t looking great for Nene. The fact that we’re getting into her backstory probably means that she’s the first to go. The preview makes it look like Mangetsu will find out about Nene’s true wish, and she’ll feel sorrow when Nene fails in her attempt to get it. Nene painted a large target on herself in this episode, so it makes a lot of sense.

Mangetsu is the chosen one

Excuse me while I pretend to look shocked.

2 thoughts on “Granbelm Episode 4: First in line”

  1. Curious to see if you are right.
    Actually having peeked at this one , I suspect you might be right, but I feel like the show could be stronger if they come with a surprise. This seems a bit to telegraphed to me, but going for the obvious does seem to be a trend this season.

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