Vinland Saga Episode 4: Carrying the team

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Thors shows off

I watched the first three episodes when they released, so I’m admittedly picking this back up after a break. This week’s episode effectively ends the prologue for this series, which ended up being longer than I expected. It was definitely worth it, though. While his inevitable fate is sad, Thors gets an amazing opportunity to showcase his abilities before it.

Thors protects the ship

It’s awesome to see Thors singlehandedly fending off the invading pirates, but this entire situation is sad when you think about it. As he mentions in an earlier episode, this entire expedition is meant to humor the kids in the village who think they’re ready for war. They definitely learn their lesson from this, but it’s a sad price to pay.

Thors duels Askeladd

The fight against Askeladd in this episode was incredibly entertaining to watch. I appreciate how this series follows movements with the camera to give a sense that you’re experiencing it. And after all of the raw power that Thors has shown, I liked seeing that Askeladd was able to trick him and get an attack in.

Askeladd is tricked

Askeladd is clearly being shown to be decently capable himself, but I also liked that the series doesn’t pass Thors off as a meathead. After Askeladd uses the sail to get a surprise attack on Thors, we get to see Thors completely outsmart him to win in the end.

Thors declares victory over Askeladd

The episode as a whole actually makes me wonder what kind of person Askeladd actually is. It’s true that he distorts the rules of the duel, but he ultimately keeps his word. Additionally, his attempt to get Thors to lead his crew seemed more than just a joke. I wonder if there’s some sense of pride in him after all.

Thorfinn faces off against the pirates

I’m curious to see where Thorfinn’s revenge quest takes him. I can understand his motivations, but it’s interesting that he’s actively rejecting his father’s teachings. I guess it probably can be distilled down to a child’s mentality. He sees his father as the ultimate loser, so he questions the advice of someone who dies following those principles. So…next week, the real story begins?

5 thoughts on “Vinland Saga Episode 4: Carrying the team”

  1. I like the type of reviews where people try to look forward trough the eyes of a main character. Even though this show is not for me, being very averse to the “my sword is not my only weapon’ or ‘for Honour’ type of speeches.
    I do not like warrior cultures, I can’t relate to the mindset at all..being about as bubbly as they come.
    However, the reviews where someone expects something from a psychological stance I do enjoy. Because I like that angle. So thank you for allowing me to somewhat enjoy a narrative I would not like otherwise!

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  2. Is it actually psychologically interesting though? I haven’t seen it yet because I already chose 2 shounen shows to watch this season, and the plot and characters sounded reeeally predictable. There are dozens of anime -and-other-media characters who want revenge for dead fathers.

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