Fruits Basket Episode 16: More stories to tell

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Arisa's home life

Yep, no one in this series has a happy story. This week’s episode shows Arisa’s backstory, which is one that I didn’t expect to see. But given how much she means to Tohru, I would have to say it was a nice story to show. I really hope the story continues in the next episode, because it gives a lot of extra context for Tohru’s mother and it ends without showing how Arisa eventually befriends Tohru.

Scheming happens

I appreciate that this series even gives time to background characters. These two random girls don’t see to have the most relevance in the world, but they get a funny scene here along with the delinquents who follow Arisa throughout the episode. They don’t feel particularly intrusive either.

Hana wins the color debate

While the first half of the episode isn’t the most interesting story in the world, I did like seeing Tohru’s friends give back to her in response to her kindness. The debate about the “right” color for Tohru was funny too. It gives Kyou and Yuuki the sense that they’re becoming part of the group, but they still have a long way to go.

Arisa meets her hero

Getting to see more of Kyouko in this episode was a nice surprise. I feel like it gave me more of a sense of curiosity for her character as a whole. She claims to have just “calmed down” to Arisa, which makes me wonder how that behavior change happened.

Arisa understands her own failed expectations

This line is probably my favorite one from the episode. I like the idea that Arisa was the cause of her own unreasonable expectation for Kyouko. It’s unfair for her to be disappointed in Kyouko for not living up to the picture she developed in her head. I think this can apply to expectations around anime too for us as viewers.

Momiji chats with some strangers

Yeah, I think that would be my reaction too.

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