Granbelm Episode 3: Into the next round

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Nene has no idea who that is

I was starting to get worried that this series would play coy with its mecha fights, but it definitely jumped right back in with this episode. To be fair, I wonder if it’s a bit too sudden, since I still don’t feel like I have a solid grasp of the mechanics of this fight. I feel like I’m just running off of Fate comparisons here. Though, I appreciate what this episode does to develop Shingetsu as a character and to introduce some more of the competitors.

Shingetsu learns magic

Am I the only one who felt less sorry for Anna as the episode went on? When she first confronts the main characters, she makes Shingetsu sound so sinister for “taking over” her family. However, the combination of her flashbacks and Shingetsu’s interaction with her mother make it feel pretty tame.

Anna's mother calls out to Shingetsu

As far as I’m concerned, Anna’s family took Shingetsu in, and Anna became jealous of how much attention Shingetsu got. The fact that Shingetsu feels guilty for it herself makes me think that maybe she feels responsible for splitting up Anna’s parents or something along those lines.

Shingetsu trains Mangetsu

Honestly, I think finding out where the power of the mechs comes from would be the most interesting thing for me. I’m a little disappointed that Mangetsu effectively gets a montage crash course before the fight. I mean, I guess I appreciate that the series gets right into the fighting, but I’d like to hear more about the lore of the mechs rather than the competition.

Shingetsu talks about her motivations

I think that Shingetsu has reasonable motivations to fight, given what we know about her past so far. She seems like a solid character overall. I do have to say, though, that the idea of destroying the magic wish-granting object to stop the competition forever seems extremely familiar.

Nene talks strategy with her sisters

I thought that Nene’s chat with her sisters was pretty cute. I liked the fact that Nene’s face in the program reacted to the numbers next to it. I like the idea that she’s essentially making up for her lack of magical power with science (and sisters). I hope she’s not just cannon fodder.

Kuon joins the fight

I honestly had no idea that this character was new to Granbelm. Was I supposed to conclude that? Based on how she refers to herself, I guess her name is Kuon, but I feel like her addition to the cast wasn’t the best placed. That being said, the fact that she fights for her sister could be interesting.

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