Kanata no Astra Episode 3: Suspect everyone

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Kanata ponders the situation

The plot continues to thicken, and it’s pretty fun to watch. This week’s episode puts the group into yet another dire situation as it continues to introduce its characters. I didn’t expect for the communicator sabotage to be revealed to the entire group so quickly, but it certainly makes things interesting. That being said, it was also cool to watch Kanata stew in his own suspicions for a while.

The next planet is done

To be completely honest, I’m still a little disappointed that this series skips through the travel time between planets so easily. It makes me feel like there’s going to be one particular time when it’s going to be important, meaning that the uncertainty between planets will just be background noise for most situations.

Kanata figures something out

I thought that Funicia’s “encoded” hint went over pretty well. It wasn’t hard to put two and two together after being introduced to her quirk for messing up words, so it seemed like a natural development. I’m definitely curious after hearing that someone apparently wants everyone dead. As Zack mentions later, it’s easy to come up with reasons to want one person dead, but it’s strange that the entire group is being targeted.

Aries draws a conclusion

This comment doesn’t get all too much attention, but it’s strangely insightful coming from Aries. What if the communicator sabotage and the general assassination are two different situations? If the traitor is also a target, they could very easily camouflage within the group because they would be genuinely trying to survive. Meanwhile, they can continue to work in the shadows for their own goals.

The ship is hit by debris

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be suspicious of this or not, but I like that the incident in this episode is seemingly another natural accident. As we saw with Quitterie’s panic attack earlier in the episode, the group could easily fall apart in its current state if more evidence of sabotage were to come up at critical moments. So, forcing the crew to act together to solve a natural problem feels more impactful.

Kanata gives up

I’m a bit surprised that Kanata gives up so quickly. I’m guessing that this episode was meant to prop Aries up as his supportive co-leader, but it felt weird to see him immediately quit when Zack told him the numbers. That being said, I think that Aries and Kanata work well together, so it was interesting to see how things evolved.

The ship's safety mechanism

I get that this scene needs more drama, but this “safety system” feels like something I need to nitpick at. If the gravity system is simply detecting floating objects, then it sounds like it’s overly sensitive. Additionally, the bird creature was still in the air when it turned back on, so the series contradicts itself.

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