Summer 2019 Grab Bag Week 1: Fruits Basket, Kimetsu no Yaiba

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It’s time for a brief break from the newer shows. I haven’t forgotten these shows!

Tohru visits her mother

Fruits Basket Episode 14

Just when I thought that this week’s episode would be a carefree grave visit (cough), the series throws another crazy emotional loop with Momiji’s backstory. Does anyone have a happy childhood in this series? This episode definitely made me feel sorry for Momiji in a way I didn’t think was possible. Additionally, it also seems to waste no time building on the respective mysteries surrounding the pasts of Yuuki and Kyou, which remain somewhat unknown.

Momiji's mother rejects him

Momiji’s resolve in this episode was truly impressive. It’s clearly not his fault that his mother rejected him, but it’s touching that he’s willing to endure being treated like an absolute stranger by her just so he can see her. It’s such a harsh reality that he has to live. At this point, the series has introduced such tragic characters in the Souma family, that I’m looking forward to seeing Tohru singlehandedly save every one of them. I sure hope that’s where the series is going.

Tohru talks about her father

The feels are making it hard for me to pay full attention to rest of the episode. A few moments in the episode felt like they were setting up some reveals further down. For example, the fact that Tohru only has second-hand knowledge of her father’s death is oddly suspicious. Additionally, Kyou starts to act obviously disturbed by Kyouko’s grave.

Kyou apologizes to Tohru

I’m curious to see what this scene means. Based on the content of this episode, it feels like there’s only one thing that Kyou could be apologizing about, but it seems too easy.

Tanjirou questions Inosuke

Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 14

Well, that was an odd one. I know I’ve said this about a different character very recently, but I find Inosuke to be hard to tolerate. I’m also not sure I buy his shtick as the pretty boy with a brutish personality yet. If the series comes up with a reasonable story surrounding it, I might change my mind on it, though.

Inosuke is convinced to help bury people

I did think it was funny to see how Tanjirou deals with Inosuke’s personality, though. He effectively tries to spin everything Inosuke does as productive and elaborates some kind of grand plan behind his actions. Additionally, I did think it was funny to watch Inosuke bashing trees throughout the episode.

The three characters have broken ribs

Is this just a running gag now?

Nezuko arises

We’ve missed you, Nezuko. I’m not sure how I feel about Zenitsu’s reaction to Nezuko’s appearance. It’s true that it fits his lovesick personality, but it almost feels like the scene is making light of Nezuko’s condition. I don’t know if I’m okay with that…

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