Fruits Basket Episode 12: Meeting Akito

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Shigure is suspicious

This series certainly switched to a more serious tone quickly. After a full cour of teasing, Akito finally makes an appearance in a big way, introducing a heavy amount of trauma for Yuuki. I didn’t expect it to go so poorly, to be honest. Anyway, it looks like we have some major issues for Tohru to fix. They can’t all be easy, right?

Kyou chops Tohru

This is a cute interaction between Kyou and Tohru alone, but it feels really heartwarming as well. After Kyou tells Tohru to only space out when he’s watching her, she immediately spaces out again, showing just how much she trusts him. It’s nice to see Kyou feeling protective of Tohru, but the general relationship between the two has been great so far.

Dark Haru strikes

When I made the off-hand comment about Haru being too similar to other characters, I definitely wasn’t expecting the series to go to such lengths to prove that he’s very different.

Akito approaches Yuuki

I do question how much the memories are being oversold here, but this line makes it sound like Yuuki was being outright abused as a child by Akito. That aside, I liked that Tohru felt compelled to step in on Yuuki’s behalf in this scene. She had a fairly pleasant conversation with Akito, so it would likely have taken a high level of perceived anguish from Yuuki to force her to act.

Kyou looks over the scene

It’s another small scene, but the pure rage in Kyou’s eyes here feels like it’s saying a lot. Part of me wants to believe that he’s truly angry for Yuuki here, since he’d likely be familiar with his relationship with Akito. He could very easily have been reacting to Tohru’s own distress, but I think it’s more interesting if he’s showing empathy for Yuuki.

Akito dislikes Tohru

There’s something really creepy about someone who uses fear as a sign of attachment. Yeesh…

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