Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 36: The plan unfolds

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Fukuzawa is preparing to open a certain agency

This week’s episode has a pretty strong start, but it gets into weird territory from a logical perspective later on. I think the series does a great job when it’s talking about its characters’ pasts, as we see in Mori and Fukuzawa’s fight. However, I think it tries too hard to emphasize Atsushi’s importance whenever it can, which results in some awkward moments.

Dazai tells the legend of Natsume Soseki

I like the idea of Natsume Soseki as a kind of legendary protector of the city. This idea is expanded later, but I think it’s interesting that the various organizations within the city work in a state of balance. It’s a concept that’s often hinted at in the series, but we finally get a more explicit explanation of it.

Fukuzawa clashes with Mori

While Fukuzawa’s fight with Mori isn’t too long, I thought it was nice to see each play to his own strength. Fukuzawa easily overpowers Mori in the fight itself, but Mori fights back by appealing to Fukuzawa’s sense of reason. It’s a great scene that showcases how well they know each other.

Natsume makes his entrance

Well, I guess the cat was the culprit all along. It’s a fun twist to wrap the story up a bit, and I’m sure I’d see some cool moments if I looked back at previous scenes that involved that same cat. Small foreshadowing like that can be pretty entertaining.

Dazai analyzes the situation

This is probably the point in the episode where it starts to lose me. I get that the series needs to showcase that Atsushi is close to Akutagawa’s level, but having him blaze past all of the guards and sensors is kind of overkill. Even if we ignore that, a later scene has Akutagawa and Atsushi very clearly standing in front of a camera without being noticed.

Atsushi feels Akutagawa breaking

I’m curious about what this scene is supposed to signify. From the surface, it feels like an indication that Atsushi and Akutagawa are starting to build a sense of trust or something along those lines. However, I find it hard to buy that Atsushi specifically feels Akutagawa snap in that case. My best guess is that Akutagawa has come to accept that Atsushi thinks similarly to him, so he’s forced to accept Atsushi’s reprimand.

Akutagawa is infected by the virus

Hmm, this seems to complicate matters.

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