Fruits Basket Episode 9: The imposing ox

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Haru is in bike mode

Apparently, the French Open was not as much of a delay tactic as I was hoping. It certainly looked like this episode was introducing a new character, but it seems to have been progress for Yuuki all along. I guess we’re back to slowly moving through the other zodiac animals at this point. At this point, we only have so much time left in the series, so I can understand that. Or does it? Is there supposed to be more than one cour for this series? That would be nice.

Kyou is ready for a showdown

I found Kyou’s reasoning in this episode pretty interesting. I definitely expected him to be the type of person who wouldn’t accept a victory against a weakened Yuuki. But instead, he just rationalizes it away while making a joke about the typical view of “idiots and colds”. It’s certainly different, if a bit unsettling.

Tohru isn't sure what to do

Weekly reminder that Tohru is an excellent protagonist.

Dark Haru arrives

Haru’s kind of a weird character for me. He bears too much similarity to Kyou and Kagura when it comes to personality, so it’s hard for me to see him as a someone separate. However, his backstory is excellent in this episode, and I really liked how he was introduced.

Yuuki collapses

This scene has me curious. It’s reasonable for Yuuki to succumb to his illness, but Haru’s reaction makes it seem like it’s unrelated to the illness. Is it another part of being a zodiac animal or does Yuuki have another hidden element to his past? It certainly seems to be the latter, and the episode suggests that it has to do with Akito.

Haru talks about being the ox

As I mentioned before, I thought that Haru’s backstory was great. I liked the idea that his child self imprinted on the idea of being the ox and internalized insults towards the ox as a result. It’s a nice demonstration of why it’s important to watch your words, especially around children who might not know better.

Yuuki is embarrassed

The cow scenes with Haru in this episode were hilarious, but my favorite animal scene from this episode was the blushing rat at the end.

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