Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9: Enhanced dodgeball

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The house was hidden with Blood Demon Arts

This week’s episode felt oddly stretched, as though time was being padded for some reason. The large flashback in the episode felt unnecessary, and I got the sense that Tanjirou was going through too much effort to explain battle circumstances (rather than just strategy). The series also seems to be showing its shounen colors more with the “12 generals” that Tanjirou apparently has to defeat now. That being said, the fights themselves were mostly cool, even if the heroes were largely on the back foot.

Yushirou loses his head

I feel like I should make a joke about the angry guy losing his head. Yushirou’s happened pretty quickly, so it was hard to react to it. The episode definitely made it look more serious than it was. Additionally, I think replaying this scene later in the episode was kind of overkill.

The building couldn't fully be concealed

It also seemed to play into a general theme of demonic regeneration in this episode, which seems to be at least some indicator of strength. I think it might be interesting if Nezuko’s slow regeneration is a recurring theme even if she continues to get stronger. It would make sense given that she doesn’t eat humans.

Tanjirou faces off against the temari

For the most part, I liked seeing how the main characters interacted with the temari in this episode. The movements they used to dodge them generally looked nice. However, I think it was fairly obvious in this scene that the camera was zooming out to make the CG harder to see. I suppose it helps, but it’s not hard to notice.

Yushirou gives Tanjirou a vision upgrade

I think it’s funny that Tanjirou gets enhanced vision in combination with his sense of smell. It makes me curious how much Yushirou will be contributing in future episodes. His abilities seem to compliment Tanjirou’s abilities well.

Tanjirou remembers a conversation

Hey, this scene looks familiar. I suppose you could be pardoned for replaying this lengthy explanation, but the episode makes it worse by following it with a copy of the scene that was immediately preceding it. I understand that commercial breaks happen, but this flashback should have covered that.

Tanjirou's moves are weakened

Let’s be reasonable here. Did we really need to know this? I feel like saying that the arrows are messing up Tanjirou’s timing should get the point across, so this is once again excessive. It almost feels like the audience is being talked down to at this point.

2 thoughts on “Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 9: Enhanced dodgeball”

  1. I’m definitely gonna binge watch this series when it’s all done for the season. I disliked it as of episode 3, but I think I was being too closes-minded, and I should have waited a little longer before deciding to drop it. Everyone’s episode reviews of 4-9 have sounded and looked so awesome.

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