Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 32: The power of money remains strong

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Louisa tries to find Francis

For a story entirely focused on the Guild, I thought that this week’s episode was fun. I wouldn’t say I like Francis more as a character after seeing this, but I think his actions make a lot more sense now. I’m curious to see what the implications of the Guild’s return will be. I think it would be cool if they allied themselves with the Armed Detective Agency in the same way the Port Mafia did for the previous season. Alternatively, they could just throw a wrench into the larger battle by acting as an independent faction.

Francis loses all of his value

I honestly don’t remember too much about the characterization that Francis got in the previous season (my apologies for my weak memory). I do remember that his power derives from sacrificing his monetary holdings, which is a neat concept. All of that aside, I liked that episode used monetary values to give a sense of his progress. It’s not something you can do often, and we get to see Francis go from 50 cents to 400 million dollars.

Louisa is captured by some thugs

One thing that did bother me about this episode was that I couldn’t get a sense of why Francis decided to come back. After giving a speech about how he no longer has the motivation to continue his efforts, he immediately reverses his entire decision after seeing Louisa in danger. Is that just meant to show that he cares for her? I would have understood it if he just came back to help, but he basically goes back on everything he said.

Francis is surprised to not own the entire building

Watching Francis deal with poverty was my favorite part of the episode. His implicit assumptions about owning the building and his obsession with cookery sales are hilarious. He’s adapting well.

Francis gives Louisa a hint

This comment was a bit leading for my taste, but I do like how the episode loops in the Armed Detective Agency. They effectively trick Ranpo into helping them. It does seem to set the groundwork for a future alliance, though. Maybe it makes more sense for Francis to act on his own, but I still like the idea of having him work together with the main cast.

Francis objects

I think Francis might be in the wrong series here. I probably would have been more impressed with his plan if I hadn’t already seen it before in Western dramas (the idea of short selling stock before immediately tanking a company). That being said, Francis is meant to be an American character, so you could even argue that it makes it more impressive that he’d use a tactic that’s often used in his supposed home country.

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