Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 31: The trials of parenthood

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Kyouka admonishes Demon Snow

It looks like the story is still on standby, but I did like the thematic style of this episode. On its own, it’s a combination of two side stories to explore the pasts of Atsushi and Kyouka some more. However, I like the idea that they share the same basic idea of a child being unable to understand the actions of their parents. I did think that the stories suffered a bit from being cobbled together, but I think it worked fine as a sense of emotional backstory.

Lucy appears with the missing page

On a completely unrelated noted, I think Lucy’s a fun addition to the cast. She seems to play the role of the jealous ex well. To be fair, her introduction is probably part of the reason why this episode felt a bit rushed, but I think she becomes better as a character from it. Her power makes for a funny interaction with Atsushi, especially when he tries to use it to dry their clothes.

Kyouka finds out about her parents

Kyouka’s story felt the most awkward for me in this episode. I was glad to see her return to the series, and I liked hearing the truth behind her parents’ death. The fact that Demon Snow originally belonged to her mother explains why she can’t control it well. Additionally, I feel like the story does a good job of explaining why she might have believed that she killed her parents, despite it being far from the truth.

Atsushi investigates a dead body

On the other hand, Atsushi’s side of the story ends up being relatively mundane, but I think the conclusion is built up better than Kyouka’s story. My first guess when I saw this scene was that the accident would be related to the blood control from Kyouka’s story, but it ended up being completely Atsushi-focused.

Atsushi struggles with how to react

I thought that Atsushi’s struggle with the death of the headmaster was interesting. It reasonable that he’d be upset with the headmaster for mistreating him, but it’s nice to see him overcoming that instinctive reaction. With everything he’s learned about his power, he’s come to see the world from the headmaster’s perspective in some sense, which I think is a great indicator of character growth.

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