Kimetsu no Yaiba Episode 5: Learning the ranks

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Urokodaki confronts the demon

With the series taking a step back from the fighting aspect, I think it’s starting to get more interesting. The emotional scene of Tanjirou’s return in this episode was nicely done. I did get the impression that it’s glossing over some things, which is surprising given that the episode starts with a repeat of the battle in the previous episode.

Tanjirou watches the demon die

I’m glad the series is maintaining this idea that Tanjirou sees the demons differently. It makes a lot of sense given what he’s seen in Nezuko, but the episode does a good job of showing it in smaller interactions. Whenever he kills a demon, he looks on the demon with pity. Despite the hatred he felt for the demon in the previous episode, he only hopes for the best for the soul forced to become a demon. It could make him a better character to watch in the future.

Tanjirou searches for answers

It’s almost comical to see Tanjirou attempting to interrogate demons as he’s cutting them down. I have to give him credit, though. He definitely knows where his priorities are.

Only four survive

Hey, look. The characters with distinctive character appearances survived. But in all seriousness, I’d be curious to see how the butterfly girl survived the entire ordeal without any dirt or scratches involved. Additionally, a later scene mentions that there were five survivors, rather than four. In the opening, we saw a guy wearing a boar mask, so I guess it’s probably him.

Also, why does it make sense to give the applicants the demon-killing swords after they’ve finished the test. How were they meant to fight the demons otherwise? I thought that Urokodaki said that only a certain type of sword could kill demons.

Tanjirou tries to pick the right ore

I’m a little miffed that the episode skips over this scene with the ores. I got the sense that this is meant to be an important decision, and it effectively amounts to Tanjirou solving the problem with his magic sense of smell. Also, how did the others choose?

Nezuko greets Tanjirou

This scene definitely handled the emotional aspects well. The surprise of seeing Nezuko awake is coupled with her proactive attempt to greet Tanjirou. It really does separate her from the demons we’ve been seeing in the past couple of episodes. In addition, Urokodaki gets a strong contribution to the scene with his own greeting.

Also, I think I’m okay with the idea that Nezuko sleeps to recover herself without having to eat humans. I just hope the year-long time frame isn’t a recurring factor.

Tanjirou gets his sword

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Tanjirou’s origin makes him special somehow. I think he’d be more interesting if he wasn’t, but I can go with it. As for the color of his sword, we don’t really get much in this episode. Do the colors have general themes behind them?

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