Carole & Tuesday Episode 4: Reading reviews is important

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Roddy suggests making a music video

I’ll be honest. I thought this episode was a lot of fun. I’m not sure it did much more than develop Gus as a character, but pretty much every moment was entertaining. I really liked the comedy surrounding the IDEA robot. But more than that, I thought that this episode used subtlety well, even to set the tone of the entire episode. It made the enjoyment of the episode feel earned, since I wasn’t just being told things.

The group finds a video editing robot

I liked that the episode immediately prepared the audience for the episode with this simple shot. While none of the characters are suspicious, it’s clear to the audience that using IDEA is a mistake. I mean, let’s be serious. Who would buy a product with a 1-star rating on Amazon after 2058 reviews?

Roddy gets nervous in Carole's apartment

I also thought it was funny that the episode broke down Roddy’s “cool guy” act by emphasizing a more nerdy personality. He’s nervous around the girls, and he’s shown to have an interest in anime and collectibles. I think that’s decent for character background.

Gus reunites with an old friend

Seeing GUs meet with someone from his past was interesting. I don’t think I got a clear sense of how much I was supposed to get from those interactions, but I think it’s generally meant to show that he’s a decent person whom the girls can trust.

Giggy is suspicious

My absolute favorite part of the episode was the interaction between IDEA and Giggy. It’s mentioned a couple of times in passing, but there’s a clear rivalry between the two despite their limited screen time. I thought it was hilarious to see, and it made the episode way more fun than it should have been.

Roddy has to dance

The convertible in this episode was also a surprisingly entertaining aspect. At the end of the episode, it’s clearly in tatters, but there’s a clear indication of this earlier in the episode. While Roddy is resting and the girls are running around, you clearly hear a window smash and Roddy reacts negatively to it. The episode doesn’t need to make a big joke about the car being damaged, but it’s an easy conclusion to make.

The robot is a lie

I guess the series is taking it slow with getting to its big “miracle” moment, but I’m glad that it seems to be keeping things light in the meantime. I totally don’t have any issue with this style, and I hope it keeps it up.

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