Mayonaka no Occult Koumuin Episode 4: Drinking buddies

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Arata doesn't care

This series still seems to meander in weird ways, but this episode started to get at what I like to see in shows like this. The overall drive for the episode wasn’t much, since it was just a routine checkup for a list of Anothers. However, I thought things started turning around when it got to Kio Gongen. As a general principle, I question what the show is getting at. Part of me feels like it tries to get too serious for me to accept is as a slice of life for Anothers.

Kohaku talks about Seimei

The idea that Seimei learned about the round Earth is pretty funny for a one-off comment. I think it’s interesting, though, that Kohaku speaks normally in the memory sequence, whereas Arata hears him with the Another sound filter. I wonder if it’s just because it’s a memory sequence. It could also point to Arata’s power not being fully refined yet. Or maybe Seimei was just a stronger mystic.

The group prepares to check on some Anothers

I can’t believe the work assignment for this week was basically a high school science report. The group basically got asked to go to the zoo and observe some animals.

Arata is almost whisked away

I saw this particular scene as a bit of a lost opportunity. It introduces the idea that Anothers can latch on to you if you do what they want. This idea is later perpetuated when Haguro gets abducted just for meeting Kio Gongen’s gaze. However, I would have liked to know if the drunk monkey Anothers actually had malicious intentions. Before now, no one in the ward could understand the Anothers, so it’s possible that they just misunderstood the Anothers. It might have been an interesting way to show the gap that Arata sees.

Kio Gongen wants a festival

It’s a small step, but I do like the idea that getting spirited away amounts to being pulled into a drinking game by an Another who doesn’t understand human life spans. The concept felt a bit unceremonious to me overall, so it was hard to take seriously. But it’s a start…

The drinking monkeys save the day

I also like the idea that the drinking monkeys come back to save the day in the end. I wish that the episode had touched on Arata’s behavior a bit more, though. Was he just lost because he was drunk or was that supernatural? It seemed like Kio Gongen was intentionally keeping him there, but it’s hard to tell.

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