Bungou Stray Dogs Episode 28: Space and gravity

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Randou kept his memories

This story ended up being cool, but I thought that the episode did a lot in the end to kind of tie things up with a bow. I liked how Chuuya’s story end up going, but I would have liked to see a bit more of his thought process when he decides to devote himself to the Port Mafia. Also, I’m a bit sad that the resolution of the Arahabaki piece is a different story.

Dazai enjoys himself

Dazai’s mentality here is a bit strange, but I suppose he’s younger in this story. It is interesting, though. He seems to like the idea of being in the Port Mafia because death will surround him more than he’d see in the normal world. I like that he mentions that it would also be more realistic, since it helps to supplement his typical suicidal tendencies.

Dazai confers with Chuuya

Watching Dazai and Chuuya work together was really cool. I like how the series has come to give just cause for the two to understand each other. Also, the fight itself looked great. When Chuuya attacked Randou within the subspace, Randou’s reactions were grounded in realism despite the supernatural nature of the fight.

Chuuya blows up everything

This episode did a great job of making me more curious about the Arahabaki incident, since it doesn’t add up with Chuuya’s current powers at all. Randou mentions that Chuuya is mostly a vessel, which makes me wonder what makes his powers so drastically different in the past. However, I guess we won’t be seeing that story any time soon. Maybe it will be the precursor for season four?

Chuuya gets Randou's hat

Well, I definitely wasn’t expecting Chuuya’s hat to be explained in this story too, but I’ll take it. We’ve seen Chuuya question his role as a leader, so his reaction to Mori’s steadfast mentality as a leader isn’t super surprising. I just wish it had been set up more. I’m guessing the story needed a fairly quick resolution. His recognition of his own shortcoming makes sense, but I’m not sure I believe him immediately swearing fealty.

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