Dororo Episode 12: Meeting the parents

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Daigo meets Hyakkimaru for the first time

This week’s episode sets an interesting stage for the rest of the series. I’m curious to see where it goes with the moral question that it poses, even if it’s still rather sad for Hyakkimaru. I also want to think that there’s more to Tahoumaru’s decision than what we saw in the episode.

Sukeroku finds out about his parents

Is it weird that the most awkward part of this episode for me was Sukeroku’s survival? Sure, it’s good that he lives and meets his mother again, but most of the episode made me feel like he was asking to die. He was being optimistic with Dororo and everything, so I completely expected him to be killed for it.

Tahoumaru learns the truth

While I think Tahoumaru remains an intriguing character to explore in this series, I’m a bit skeptical about his portrayal in this episode. I think it’s not crazy to believe that he’d choose the prosperity of his people after learning the truth, even at the expense of his own brother. But I think it would have been better to follow him along in that process of changing his mind. As it stands, his shift is a bit jarring.

Hyakkimaru sees one of Mio's murderers

Having the soldier who survived Hyakkimaru’s original onslaught appear here was a nice touch. When everyone sees Hyakkimaru as a demon, his thirst for revenge almost confirms it.

Hyakkimaru's mother tries to help him

I like the idea that even Hyakkimaru’s mother, the family member who sides with him the most, still has to admit that his sacrifice is necessary. She does try to sacrifice herself to help him, but it’s quite moving when she’s forced to tell him that she can’t save him.

The Goddess of Mercy is cracked

Well, this whole thing with the Goddess of Mercy is looking a bit grim. Part of me wants the series to maintain its moral dilemma, but I’m a little worried about this development. It makes it seem like the Goddess of Mercy had some hand in all of this. At face value, it might have just been holding back the one demon that wasn’t released at the beginning of the series. I guess I’m hoping it’s not some simple reveal where the Goddess of Mercy was causing the prosperity the whole time.

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