Egao no Daika Final Episode (12): Pushing the giant reset button

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The soldiers figure out that Yuki is here

I think the best I can say about this ending is that it pretty much hit all of the points I expected to resolve the plot. As a result, I’d say it wasn’t anything special, effectively hitting the baseline. As a whole, I think this series had issues with justifying a lot of its developments, which made many of those developments seem rushed as a result. The ending isn’t too much different in that regard.

Stella finds Layla turning on the machine

As I mentioned last week, I was somewhat hoping Layla would survive in the end. I think she would have bridged that gap between Yuki and Stella in many ways. In the end, her death seemed a bit sad, since Stella never ended up finding out who she really was. It was almost like Layla was killed just because it’s the style the show had adopted, not for any particular character reason.

Stella finally faces off against Yuki

The argument that Yuki and Stella have in the end wasn’t too bad, but I still have trouble agreeing with Yuki despite the fact that she ultimately “wins”. It’s not that I have a problem with her optimism, since I generally agree that people are inherently good as well.

Stella chooses to help Yuki

It’s just that she ultimately admits that she’s gambling on her world-altering solution. Heck, the fact that the chrars drain the nanomachines keeping the world habitable never even comes up, even though it’s a perfectly rational justification. On the opposite side, I guess I never got the sense that Stella was truly “convinced” by Yuki.

The crops recover after the destruction of the chrars

Along those same lines, I think that the ending ends up working out too well. Yuki acknowledges that people will be upset at the loss of the chrars, but things will ultimately be better because people won’t die. And after taking her gambling, that…just happens. For a show that tried to emphasize the gritty nature of war, it’s a strange shift. Yet, the crops rebound without an issue.

Yuki and Stella meet up

As I said, this could have been worse. I think a lot of my opinion is colored by a general sense of disappointment. I would have liked to see a relationship build between Yuki and Stella. Additionally, much of the Grandiga side seemed ultimately pointless. We see the emperor appear in person for the first time in the final episode, and what did he even do?

Final Score: 6/10 I respect how the show played with perspectives in order to tell the story of two sides, but it seemed to have trouble making its plot developments feel earned.

6 thoughts on “Egao no Daika Final Episode (12): Pushing the giant reset button”

  1. There’s definitely a disappointment that this one didn’t end up being better. That said, it wasn’t terrible or even bad. There’s just more it could have done with both the characters and the story so I ended up feeling a little bit bitter about how this one ended because I just wanted more from it. Still, it wasn’t a bad watch this season and I’ve certainly sat through worse.

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  2. ” As a result, I’d say it wasn’t anything special, effectively hitting the baseline.”

    Yah. I’d like to say the final ep was a disappointment… But really, it was right in line with the (not terribly high) expectations that the series had firmly established. Smiles goes into the books as clean near miss.

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