Dororo Episode 9: Some background information

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Dororo falls ill

After a couple of lighter episodes, we’re right back into the suffering with this show. It’s nice to see Dororo’s past, though, even if it’s full of sadness. If anything, it’s a good demonstration of what she’s had to endure and of how much her parents cared for her. And given how the episode ends, it looks like Hyakkimaru’s father is finally on to him, which might make for some more human-on-human interactions soon.

Dororo worries that Hyakkimaru will leave her

I actually kind of forgot what Dororo is referencing here. When did Hyakkimaru leave her behind? Either way, it was nice to see this sense of how attached she is to Hyakkimaru.

Itachi betrays everyone

As much as the episode wants to portray him as the main antagonist, I somewhat agree with Itachi. From what we’ve seen, Dororo’s father forms his crew because of a resentment for the samurai, and he spends the episode consumed by vengeance. I think it’s reasonable for Itachi to adapt to the changing times and get himself out of that mentality, strange as it might seem.

Dororo's mother confronts Itachi

It certainly is gut-wrenching to see Dororo’s parents literally kill themselves to keep her safe, though. I have to give them credit for that.

Dororo watches her mother die

Other than that, there’s not really much more to say about this episode. It’s self-contained, and it goes over Dororo’s past well. She feels a lot more understandable now.

Hyakkimaru's father finds out about him

It’s about time this guy got involved.

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