Egao no Daika Episode 9: The source of chrars

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Yuuki starts to question herself

It looks like we’re back in Soleil for the second week in a row. I suppose we needed to deal with the aftermath of the chrars reveal before switching again. For the most part, I liked the idea behind the chrars as they were explained in this episode, but I thought that the character focus on Harold in the episode was weak. He almost seems like a pawn of the story to force Yuuki down a path of over-correction. Anyway, the episode ends with Harold fighting a unit he recognizes, likely Owens or Stella, so I assume we’ll be back on Grandiga’s side next week to see the aftermath.

Harold orders the annihilation of the imperial units

I don’t mind the conflicting ideals of Harold and Yuuki, but I’m curious what will happen with the void that’s left after this episode. I did like seeing this portrayal here, in which Harold forces the other officers to kill so indiscriminately that they’re visibly disturbed by it. It shows just how far he’s willing to go, and sets him up further as Yuuki’s polar opposite.

No one really cares about the chrars data

Well, the reaction of the “elite” to the information about the new chrars isn’t too surprising. I would have liked for them to at least make their case, even if it’s as simple as saying they have to keep using the chrars because they’re at war. Or they could make an outright claim that Verde is nuts or something. It makes them feel overly dismissive to the point of being unrealistic.

Layla admits her past to Yuuki

The fact that Layla tells Yuuki everything about her past makes me wonder if she’s headed toward her own death.

Layla discovers the nanomachines

As I mentioned before, I quite like the nanomachine reveal in this episode. The idea that the chrars are causing environmental damage is a pretty clear reference to the current climate change debate, which is nothing new. However, I like how grounded the explanation is, making it believable for sci-fi. In reality, the chrars are draining nanomachines that keep the world terraformed. That’s a cool idea.

Yuuki wonders how to end the war

Yuuki’s statement here makes me wonder if she believes that war wouldn’t be as much of a problem if we didn’t have technology. It’s not an uncommon sentiment, but it’s one I disagree with.

Harold faces the enemy alone

In the end, I felt like Harold’s death was perhaps too quick. I never ended up feeling anything for him, and I never felt like I had a good understanding of what motivated him. Maybe he’s just a weak character overall, but it’s frustrating to see. It seems like the show wanted to make his death mean something, but I guess I didn’t get it.

2 thoughts on “Egao no Daika Episode 9: The source of chrars”

  1. I think Harold’s death has come too soon after Izana, and I cared a great deal more about Izana (even if I did only just remember what his name was in the episode he died in). But there was some really good world building in the explanations this episode.

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