Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 7: The frozen story

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Gerda chases after Kai

This week’s episode felt like it was trying to do too many things at once, which I think distracted from the main fairy tale a lot. We do get an expansion of Shane and Tao as characters, but it’s combined with the introduction of Curly as the main antagonist. In my mind, the combination leaves very little room for the Snow Queen herself. As a result, she feels like a completely undeveloped enemy, making Curly’s introduction ultimately weaker.

Gerda explains the story of this Story Zone

I really got the sense that the episode didn’t have time to expand on its fairy tale well. There’s a misdirect in which Gerda turns out to have the shard in her eye instead of Kai, but it’s never made clear why that deception exists. From what I can tell, it looks like it’s just meant to fool people who’ve read the original fairy tale. I think it might have been better if Kai revealed later down the line that he pretended to have the shard in his eye to protect Gerda.

Curly warns Ex

I’m a little disappointed that this point isn’t hammered home a bit more. Perhaps the series is still trying to build towards the idea that fate in the Story Zones isn’t necessarily a good thing. However, this episode does a poor job of complementing this line, since we don’t even get a good sense of what the fates in this Story Zone are.

Kai rejects the help of everyone

This line is later explained when the details of Kai’s contract are revealed, but it did raise an interesting question. Can fates in a Story Zone ever be in conflict? Or do these inconsistencies only occur as a result of human interpretation? I kind of like the idea behind that.

Shane talks about her past

Shane’s backstory isn’t much, but it isn’t bad. Having Reina bawl over it seemed a bit much, though.

The Snow Queen reveals herself

To be honest, I was hoping that this episode would be similar to the last episode, having no Chaos Teller. It would be cool if the series continued with the idea that fates can be cruel. Instead, the Snow Queen’s story is never truly shown. We get a brief recounting from Curly later that she lived in sadness, but it has no impact unless we can see how she lives.

Shane finishes off the Snow Queen

I do like the idea of seeing the queen from Snow White’s Story Zone as an ally for the main characters, but it does raise some questions about the mechanics around those transformations. Just how many characters can they become? Are we going to see the Snow Queen next?

Curly explains her motivations

I’m very curious about this line from Curly. It might just be a throwaway lie from the main villain, but she insists that Chaos Tellers are the only way to subvert the fates written by the Storyteller. However, an earlier episode suggested that influence from those with a blank Book of Fate could also alter a story’s course. Does that mean that the blank books are incapable of changing fates? I suppose it’s possible that they can only alter events without changing outcomes. That might be cool.

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