Egao no Daika Episode 8: All about the chrars

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Yuuki commands the troops

This week’s episode brings another strange shift in the story, introducing a third party into the conflict. This whole business with the introduction of Verde seems to move the focus back on the chrars, which lowers the significance of the overall war in my eyes. I’m curious to see how it goes, but it’s a jarring change. That aside, Yuuki’s shift as a military leader is pretty clear in this episode, which is nice to see. Though, I kind of want to see her actually succeed for once.

Yuuki's military strategy evolves

I do wonder how much this series will struggle to allow Yuuki to keep her idealism. Her reasoning makes sense given her goal, but the series seems to beat into our heads the idea that her ideology is holding her back. Still, it’s progress…

Yuuki wonders why Verde dislike chrars

I’m not sure how I feel about this move back to the chrars. On the one hand, it makes sense given how much this series loves to mention the “new chrars”, but it’s an odd shift. And is it just the new chrars that cause a problem or is there some fundamental issue with using chrars in general? Given how these things normally go, I’d assume there’s some world-depleting drawback involved. There’s an earlier scene in this episode where Yuuki mentions that the crops in Soleil haven’t been doing well recently, which leads me to that suspicion.

Fleet talks with the emperor

The emperor seems to be getting pushed as a polar opposite for Yuuki. In this conversation, he seems to be willing to sacrifice his own people to test the new chrars in combat as needed. I wonder how the introduction of Verde will change things, since I find it hard to believe that Grandiga and Soleil will unite against a common enemy. Verde doesn’t even seem strong enough to do that.

Izana sends the data to Yuuki

Why was this data hidden in the first place? I’m starting to wonder now if the previous king was in a similar situation as his daughter, which would suggest that his advisers hid information from Verde from him. Also, I could see this development as potentially giving an interesting spin to Joshua’s death. What if he died from exposure to the new chrars while injured? Just a thought.

Izana chooses a name for his child

It’s kind of sad to see Izana go, but I guess it beats watching him sit around as a prisoner all of the time. When I saw him look at the boat before entering the palace, I was expecting him to use it to escape after sending the data to Yuuki. But in hindsight, I suppose the real idea was that he was debating priorities. He could use the boat to get to his family, or he could continue with his mission to find out what Verde actually knew about the chrars.

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