Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 7: Skirting betrayal

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Emma reassures everyone

As always, the tension continues to rise. I like how this episode plays out through what seem like tiny battles with Krone. It does end with this sense that it might be moving too quickly, but I want to believe that there’s more going on in that final scene.

Krone explains how to become a Mother

What I liked about this episode was that Krone acts as an easy antagonist, forcing a give-and-take scenario when she confronts Emma and Norman. I also get this real sense that I still shouldn’t trust anything she says, despite her willingness to help, which adds an interesting element to the information.

Emma asks why Krone wouldn't betray them

I’m a big fan of the common theme in these confrontations, which is that Emma tends to push the hardest when things get serious. That being said, I almost don’t understand this scene. Krone seems to lay out a mutually assured destruction scenario in order to gain their trust.

She can go to Isabella to betray the kids, but Ray can go to Isabella to betray Krone. However, this scenario just sets up the condition that the first person to rat the other wins. Is the idea just that the information Krone would give is worth not betraying her?

Krone figures out what the kids know about the tracking devices

While I still have trouble believing that Norman would fall for this, I do like how this scene plays out. Inferring based on inaction is a nice idea to trick the kids.

Krone talks about the outside world

I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get any details about the outside world, but I suppose it’s not the focus now. I do get the sense that this reference to “Him” is an offhand comment that I should keep track of, though. This series seems to have a lot of innocuous scenes of that kind, which is nice for rewarding attention. There’s a similar moment when Emma asks Don and Gilda for a favor when Ray and Norman aren’t present, which makes me wonder how much Emma actually knows.

Phil walks in on Krone searching Ray's bed

Phil, you are so suspicious, man. Anyway, I have a hard time buying that Krone will get kicked out so quickly. Given the nature of other cliffhangers in this series, I wouldn’t be surprised if Isabella walks in to give her good news or something.

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