Dororo Episode 7: Taking a break

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Dororo attacks a bear

After a series of depressing stories, we finally get a bit of a happy one. It’s a nice change of pace, and I like the idea that not all monsters are terrible. It’s not anything new, but it’s a great way to add a feeling of respite to a show like this one. It makes the episode feel more wholesome overall, which is surprising.

The guards tell Dororo about the disappearances

Looking back, I remember thinking it was weird that the guards were smiling when they mentioned the disappearances in the village, but it took me a while to put the pieces together. What a bunch of creeps.

Ohagi talks with her benefactor

It was actually quite interesting to see Ohagi interact with the man who saved her. I like that the episode pushes Dororo and Hyakkimaru into the background to tell this story. It’s almost like the episode is a break in many senses of the word. It’s hard to put it into words, but I get the sense that episode releases a lot of the tension that’s been building up.

The man talks about a mysterious night job

The “mystery” itself in this episode wasn’t too hard to guess. It was late, but this was the point where I put it all together. I stopped suspecting the spider as soon as it was revealed that people were still disappearing while she was hiding out. I think the story works nonetheless, though.

Ohagi reveals that she doesn't like to kill

Part of me wonders if Hyakkimaru’s soul sight complicated the story that this episode was trying to tell. In the heat of the moment, he attacks Ohagi because she flares up in rage after seeing the guards attack the man protecting her. But she’s eventually saved when she calms down and her aura goes away. Dororo mentions that it’s a good thing that Hyakkimaru could hear, but it looked more like he just reacted to the reduction in demonic energy. I feel like the gesture would have meant a lot more if Hyakkimaru had decided to leave Ohagi alone because he hadn’t relied on that.

Hyakkimaru stands over the spider

So, was there never an organ to be regained in this episode? I like that Ohagi was spared, but I was mostly expecting that she’d return a body part out of goodwill instead of being killed for it. Earlier in the episode, Dororo calls her a “ghoul” instead of a “demon”, so maybe she’s just some other random monster.

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      1. yeah, im figuring there’s a larger world of monsters in the series. i was kinda thrown off by the picture of her that appeared at the end of the episode. i guess it’s just the main focus of the episode and not the demon that gave an organ back in the episode

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