Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 8: The plan unfolds

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Jin reads leisurely

With the developments in this episode, I feel like the story is starting to become more clear. There are still many pieces missing, but Spooky E was the weirdest aspect to me. So, I’m somewhat glad to have him gone. I think I’d have an easier time with this series if I had some sense of perspective. At this point, there’s no way of knowing whether Jin as the Imaginator is meant to last us until the end of the series. It seems unlikely, but he did mention bigger plans related to the Towa Organization this week.

Boogiepop appears briefly to comment on Kazuko's behavior

I find it strange that Boogiepop has been appearing to Kazuko in such small ways. Is she meant to be the protagonist of this story? In the first arc, normal people ended up saving the day, so I’m wondering if Boogiepop is pushing Kazuko to move the story forward.

Kazuko confronts Jin

It’s interesting to finally get a sense of Jin’s ultimate plan and the nature of his power. I’m not entirely sure what to make of the metaphorical nature of what he says, but it sounds like he’s trying to create a world in which everyone thinks the same way. There seems to be more going on than that, but it’s my main takeaway.

Masaki beats down the thugs

I wasn’t expecting an action sequence in this episode, but it was surprisingly entertaining to watch (for a slow show like this one). The way the camera shakes through the scene is a bit jarring, but the choreography itself was pretty solid.

Masaki threatens Kotoe

I sure hope that there’s a dual purpose for Masaki’s Boogiepop disguise in the future. The fact that Jin just shows up to free everyone from Spooky E makes me question why it was important for Masaki to pretend to be Boogiepop in the first place.

Jin points out that his power is similar to Spooky E's power

I actually thought the conversation between Jin and Spooky E was alright. Even if it didn’t end up working, I liked the idea that Jin could use the similar nature of powers to infiltrate the Towa Organization. Also, I thought his breakdown of their differences was interesting. Spooky E violently injects his will into people, effectively forcing them to act. Jin instead convinces people to help him out of a sense of gratitude, even if you can argue that it’s artificial.

Jin finds Aya

Based on the line about a “sacrifice”, I’m guessing that Aya is the balanced seed he was hoping to use to fill everyone’s hearts. Based on the earlier scenes, I’m still not sure it’s clear what happens to the person who originally held the seed. Is he transferring a seed to another person or is he copying a seed? I’m not sure.

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