Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 6: It’s starting to go sideways

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Norman breaks down the overall plan

Though, I’m still a bit annoyed about the cliffhanger from last week, I felt like this week’s episode handled Don as a character well. It’s nice to see that he and Gilda have been reasonably integrated into the overall planning. The escape is also looking a lot more promising with this week’s introduction of a potential source of outside aid. I’m still super curious to see what it’s actually like outside at this point.

Phil shows up to play hide and seek

This episode seems to put a strange amount of focus on Phil. Between the opening scene and Emma’s comment that he noticed the Morse code in the books, it really seems like Phil’s contributing a lot more than you’d expect. There was a comment in a previous episode about him being the smartest amongst the younger kids, but it makes me wonder how much he’s doing on purpose.

The kids think about the messages they found

I do like the idea that the kids are immediately suspicious of William Minerva, even though the messages come as a small ray of hope. It would be nice to see them find some support once they finally escape, but part of me wonders if the messages were actually left by Isabella or something.

Don questions the main three

As impulsive as Don seemed, his rage towards Emma, Norman, and Ray seems perfectly justified. I like his line here a lot, because he’s correct to point out that the three are basically trying to take the kids out into a world they know nothing about. And if they’re already asking for Don and Gilda’s help, they should prepare them for everything.

Don berates himself as well

In addition, I like that Don also recognizes why they hesitated to tell him everything. He berates himself as much as he does the other three. He’s a hard character to relate to, but I think I understand him well enough.

Norman investigates Ray's stuff

This side investigation from Norman has me so curious. Building on the previous episodes, it seems like he’s figured something out about Ray, so he’s putting something together on the side.

Sister Krone sees everything

Sister Krone makes me groan every time she’s on screen. Even if she ends up being a makeshift ally, I might have a hard time feeling anything for her.

4 thoughts on “Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 6: It’s starting to go sideways”

  1. I’m with you in that Krone just makes me roll my eyes at this point. She hasn’t been a well introduced character and is probably the weakest link for me in terms of this story. Still, I liked the build up this episode and it really felt like things were moving along. Getting Don and Gilda fully on board will probably help in the near future (or hurt them and that will still be entertaining).

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