Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 4: The happy ending

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Cinderella's story is told

I might have approached this episode with the wrong mindset, since I hoping for a bit of a darker turn. Instead, the resolution for Cinderella’s story is pretty standard and doesn’t seem to cause any trouble. This episode seems to conclude our “introduction” into the world, which is nice. My hope now is that the episodes to come don’t just fall back to the pattern that we saw in the first two episodes, though.

Reina warns Ex about the consequences of his interference

I did like how Reina portrays the blank books in this episode. Because they introduce the uncertainty of “free will”, they create the possibility for negative outcomes. I would have liked to see the conversation go further, though. Even if Ex’s interference could make Cinderella suffer, he has also seen her suffer as a result of her fate.

The fairy godmother wishes to save Cinderella from suffering

So…does the book of fate stop at the “happy ending” like a fairy tale would? It seems like Cinderella should see this coming. There’s always the possibility that this is caused by people with blank books, but it feels like it would be common in any story if that were the case.

Ex's wild crest is revealed

Well, this answers a question I raised in an earlier episode. Ex has a wild card power after all. It was also nice to see the other main characters use protagonists from different stories.

Reina reacts to seeing Alice

It was totally random, but I really enjoyed watching Reina fawn over Alice.

Loki introduces himself

Honestly, Loki still seems like he has a decent point with his goal to free people from their scripts. He just seems so much like a token villain to be taken seriously. Also, the series seems to be hiding some kind of connection between Reina and Loki for some reason. Are they siblings?

Reina decides on her own role

I actually think it might be interesting if the holders of the blank books were inadvertently sticking themselves to a script by trying to fix the stories. I guess I’m still holding out for some sort of dark twist in this series.


4 thoughts on “Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 4: The happy ending”

  1. It was hard to argue with Loki’s logic here and that’s mostly because they haven’t really made the case for keeping characters on script. I’d really like them to explore this a great deal more.

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    1. i hope so too. and part of the reason i felt strange about reina’s comment in this episode about the blanks (i really need to come up with a name for the good guys) choosing their own role was that it almost seemed like that was supposed to be the justification for their cause.

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      1. I really hope that isn’t the only justification we get and there’s some bigger reason why these stories need to keep progressing. Otherwise that has some fairly terrible implications and makes it hard to get behind the ‘good guys’ and their actions.

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