Yakusoku no Neverland Episode 4: The nature of treachery

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Isabella compliments Sister Krone

I realize I’m missing a show in my lineup, so it’s time to bring this one back. To be fair, a lot has happened since I last talked about this show. Overall, I think it’s refreshing to see how grounded the kids, particularly Norman and Ray, tend to be when analyzing the situation. And while it’s true that I already knew about the reveal from the end of the episode, I always enjoy seeing the hints that are dropped throughout the episode in my state of anticipation.

Isabella tells Sister Krone to just follow her instructions

I’m not sure if it was the translation or just the underlying dialogue itself, but the conversation between Sister Krone and Isabella at the beginning of this episode was somewhat incomprehensible. I do like the way Isabella takes the role of mastermind, but I do admit that I’m somewhat biased against Sister Krone as a character. It’s interesting that she appears as a third party to throw the balance of power off, but she never really appealed to me.

Ray gives Emma 100 formation patters to memorize

I tweeted this opinion after initially watching the episode, but I’ll say it again here. I think this scene is strangely appealing. In most other shows like this, Ray’s idle comment about memorizing a hundred formations would be a joke to point out that Emma is the least brainy of the three. However, the kids in this series are taking incredibly intensive exams every single day, and Emma gets perfect scores consistently. So, it’s actually a reasonable request in disguise, which is why you never hear any complaint from Emma.

Emma reveals everything to Gilda and Don

You know, I honestly didn’t expect the main three to start revealing their plans so quickly. It’s true that they need more allies, but including more people in the secret increases the risk of discovery pretty severely.

Sister Krone questions Gilda

I think that this misdirection with Gilda is done well, especially since it’s hard to classify what level of betrayal it would even be. She’s talking to Sister Krone, after all, who has her own separate set of motives. That being said, I do appreciate that the series leaves extra room for ambiguity as needed. Even after Gilda returns, we see that Emma leaves once she’s heard what she wanted to hear. So for all we know, Gilda had more to say after gaining Emma’s trust.

Norman identifies Ray as a traitor

I was a fan of the reveal for Ray’s betrayal when I was originally reading the series. It comes so early in the story that it’s hard to get a read on it. Watching it a second time, the clues are clear, and I’m sure I always had a suspicion. But it’s just so hard not to trust a major character like Ray, especially when you expect him to carry the other two throughout the series. Still, I do like where this reveal goes, but that’s all I’ll say on it.

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