Egao no Daika Episode 5: Hidden beneath the smile

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Meals on the battlefield are troublesome

We’re back to the Grandiga again this week. This week’s episode is pretty similar to last week’s episode that it goes a bit into the past of a side character to show something about one of the two main characters. For me, Lily’s story was surprising not because of its actual content but rather because it didn’t get her killed. She still seems to be asking for it, but it was nice to see another side of Stella.

Huey meets up with some old friends

Speaking of characters that were asking to die, the sudden appearance of these soldiers was a fairly clear indicator of their eventual fate. I’m curious to see whether it triggers some background for Huey later on, but we’ll see.

Owens goes over the plan

I think part of why I tend to have trouble with this series is the tactical dialogue. Don’t get me wrong. I think those conversations add a lot, but I’m not having an easy time paying attention during them.

Owens is used to taking care of kids

I’m also not sure if I like how much the series is pushing this “mystery” behind Owens. The hints are severely lacking in subtlety, so I’m wondering if the payoff is supposed to be a exceptionally shocking or something. Maybe he used to watch over some kids being used in lab experiments or something. Otherwise, I don’t see why it’s a big deal if he takes care of some orphans.

A suspicious unit attacks the Grandiga units

This scene made me wonder if one of the Vanquish twins was actually piloting this theurgear. It’s suspicious that the unit gets so much focus and survives in the end. If so, I think it’s actually kind of cool. Given that we don’t know who’s who yet, I like the idea that the unit has plot armor even if we don’t exactly know it.

Stella smiles for real?

I’m actually surprised that Stella had this smile in her. I was totally expecting her to maintain her stoic routine with everyone. That being said, I do think that this scene is helping to set up a tragic death for Lily, especially if Yuuki has truly lost Joshua.

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