Egao no Daika Episode 4: Yuuki returns?

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Soleil reacts to the explosion of the plant

This week’s episode was surprisingly promising. The swap back to Soleil was a bit jarring, but I did like that the episode starts off by showing how the kingdom was immediately reacting to the raid we saw in the previous episode. That being said, I do appreciate seeing how the events of episode two have changed Yuuki. I like that series seems to be taking a harsher tone overall, which probably makes sense given the facade of the first episode.

Yuuki looks at the plants that Joshua promised to raise

I get that it’s hard to bring up the subject, but the way the episode danced around Joshua’s fate is disconcerting to me. Given how prominent he is in the opening, especially as a counterpart to Stella and Owens on the Grandiga side, I find it hard to believe that he’s gone so easily. It’s true that his death is heavily implied in this episode, but no one technically says he died (as far as I could tell). Are we sure he’s actually dead?

The tactics display on screen

I’m still trying to figure out whether I particularly like the disconnect between the two sides. Since Yuuki is the princess, we naturally see things from a higher level when we look from Soleil’s perspective. On the other hand, Stella is a soldier, so we tend to see the situation from the ground when we’re looking at Grandiga’s perspective. It’s an interesting shift, but it makes me feel like we’re missing the bigger picture on the Grandiga side.

Layla attends the demonstration with her family

It seems a bit early to go into Layla’s backstory, but I suppose I see the point. The scene makes it painfully clear that Stella is Layla’s missing child, even without the scene where Layla tries to call out to her. It’s still too soon to tell whether that reveal will lead to some interesting developments, though.

Protesters threaten the king

I wasn’t expecting the big accident in Leash to be caused by a riot. I guess I implicitly assumed that it was a result of an experimental failure. Well played, I guess.

Everyone looks on at the pain of war

I do like the slight twist at the end, though. When Yuuki finally resolves herself and officially enters the war, you’d expect some kind of uplifting rallying cry. It would be consistent with the first episode, when she interjects in the mock battle to help Joshua. Instead, she makes the kind of childish decision to save people in danger that she should be expected to make, and it ends up costing her even more lives. I guess the peaceful delusion is truly over.

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