Grimms Notes The Animation Episode 2: A quixotic episode

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The main characters stand in the Fog of Silence

Well, I give the show points for at least trying to explain itself a bit more. The timing of it makes it seem like it could have happened in the first episode. I find the concept of the Story Zones to be a bit sketchy, which actually gives me hope for the series overall. Now that we’ve been told that the constant story loop in the Story Zones is intentional, it raises the question of whether that existence is even worth saving. And given that the heroes are trying to restore that repetitive life, can we even call them heroes?

Only those with a blank Book of Fate can travel through the fog

Of course, it’s possible that the series never goes in that direction, so maybe I’m just hyping up the wrong things. That being said, I think this whole idea of the blank Book of Fate is strange. It’s introduced as if it’s supposed to be particularly special at the end of the first episode, but that’s immediately undone when the start of this episode reveals that all of the main characters have a blank book.

Don Quixote makes his entrance

But I’m getting off-topic. This week’s episode is supposed to be about Don Quixote, after all. I’m surprised that the story even counts as a fairy tale, but I honestly thought that the character himself was funny to watch in this episode. I originally read Don Quixote in a Spanish class, though, so I can’t promise that I had the best understanding of the story.

Don Quixote rallies the townspeople

I have such a strong memory of Don Quixote being a complete nut case, so it was surprisingly entertaining to see him successfully rallying the villagers.

Loki taunts Ex

This scene makes me worry that this story will just devolve into a typical “good vs. evil” plot. Loki seems to be such a strong embodiment of chaos that I have a hard time believing that there’s a bigger theme going on. But I guess that remains to be seen.

Ex turns into Red Riding Hood

I’m okay with the idea that these guys can turn into the other characters that they meet, since it means that those characters remain relevant for more than a single episode. That being said, it’ll be kind of boring if Ex is the only one who switches (unless there’s a good reason for that, like the Fool character in Persona games). Ex had the strongest relationship with Don Quixote too, so it would be weird if someone else turned into him.

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