Boogiepop wa Warawanai Episode 4: Bring on the Imaginators

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Imaginator muses about the world

It’s a brand new story arc, and I’m starting out with a lot of questions. I suppose that’s par for the course for this series. I’m a bit curious about this arc as a whole, since the girl heavily featured in this episode, Suiko Minahoshi, also shows up in the opening animation. I’m pretty sure she’s the girl reaching out towards Touka from a mirror, which makes me wonder if this might be the main story for the series.

Boogiepop labels Suiko as an Imaginator

For a main antagonist, Imaginator is actually quite interesting. If I’m understanding correctly, Imaginator is almost more of an idea rather than an actual entity. It’s almost like Suiko is perpetuating the idea in her death by visiting people in their dreams and dropping suggestions. I’m curious to see how that turns out.

Suiko talks to Jin through other people

All of that being said, I honestly feel like I just get more and more confused whenever Suiko is talking. Perhaps it’s just the translation or it’s the ephemeral nature of her speech. She just seems to use that kind of “fake deep” language that I tend to dislike.

Jin chats with a friend

But back to the point, the story mostly centers around Jin Asukai, a guidance counselor with the ability to see into another person’s “heart” by visualizing it as a flower. It would have been nice to get a better sense of his power, since it seems important. It’s all well and good to say that he can see what’s missing, but that’s such an abstract idea. It seems like he can judge a person’s aspirations, which I would consider to be a separate part of the mind than this heart business.

Officer wonders how Jin helped the girl

It might help with understanding what exactly Jin does with the heart of the dying girl. I suppose we’ll get into more detail about it in the future, but I’m really curious. This idea of “plucking the thorns in her heart” is clearly meant to have a grain of truth, but I’m having trouble translating it into something tangible.

Jin is shown visions of himself ripping out hearts

Personally, I think it might be interesting if Jin had the ability to use the hearts of the dead to fill in the gaps he sees in others. It would be in line with the vision he’s shown by Suiko, as he seems to be pulling hearts out of people. However, I’m not sure that idea makes sense with the scene where he’s testing his power.

Boogiepop admits to killing Suiko

But hey, it’s a new arc. Anything could happen. Maybe Boogiepop will be more involved this time. Who knows?

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