Egao no Daika Episode 3: On the other side

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Stella surveys the situation

I’m still a bit skeptical, but I think that the switch to the Grandiga side of the conflict has been a lot more interesting than what we saw of Soleil in the first two episodes. Stella’s character doesn’t fully make sense yet, but she seems to have a lot more potential as a character than the more childish Yuuki.

The soldiers infiltrate Soleil

I do like that we get to see Soleil from the perspective of the Grandiga soldiers. I’m a bit curious about the dark underbelly of Soleil, though. What we see in this episode is the natural response of the Grandiga soldiers to the “lavish” nature of the other side, but we’ve already seen that there is some deception involved with that appearance.

Stella and Owens investigate the warehouse

I suppose we do get to see a bit of it with the orphans in this episode, but I’m not sure what to take away. Based on the context, it sounded like this warehouse of food was abandoned because of the introduction of the food-producing chrars plant. So, it seems to point more towards the kind of wasteful nature you’d expect from a prospering country.

Stella comforts an orphan

Stella seems like a similar mystery to me. It’s too early in the series to get a good sense of who she is, so I’m not sure if I’m supposed to believe her conversation with Lana. She seems to care deeply, but we see later in the episode that she doesn’t seem to have any concerns outside of the mission.

Owens gets ordered to destroy the plant

I do like how the episode looks at the disconnect between the superiors and the soldiers in the field. The fact that Owens is willing to jeopardize the mission to save the orphans seems like it should be related to the conversation at the beginning of the episode. He probably disobeyed orders to pursue what he thought was right, landing him with Stella’s squad.

The soldiers infiltrate the plant

This infiltration scene was somewhat painful to watch. Given how open this building is, it’s shocking that Stella doesn’t get spotted. This scene, in particular, makes little sense, because you would think that these two soldiers wouldn’t need to advance to see enemies patrolling.

Stella threatens the kids to help

Stella’s smile does have an interesting contrast to Yuuki’s smile. Now that we know that it isn’t related to Grandiga overall, I suppose these two are meant to be compared. With Yuuki, we see a more fragile smile that needs to be protected by others. I’m still curious to see how it changes whenever we find out what happened to Joshua. That being said, Stella’s smile is much more persistent, and we get the sense so far that she uses it to weather the toughest situations.

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