Double Decker! Doug and Kirill Final Episode (13): According to plan

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Kirill admits defeat

Something felt a bit off about this final episode, but it still had a lot of moments that I enjoyed. I think some of the resolutions in this episode, such as the dissolution of Esperanza, felt somewhat cheap to me. That being said, I do respect that the episode took most of the complaints I had last week about convenient plot devices and incorporated them into Doug’s plan.

The team tricks Cooper into overdosing on Anthem

Tricking Cooper with the fake antibody drug was a surprisingly funny development. I know it’s a bit cheesy to have everything go so perfectly according to Doug’s plan. But I did enjoy seeing the show say “duh, we can’t just make magical antibody drugs like that”.

Kirill becomes the commander in Cooper's place

I was totally expecting a bigger punchline to result from Kirill somehow becoming a military commander in Cooper’s place.

Everyone believes in Doug

I know that this series is supposed to be a parody of a cheesy hero flick, but I wasn’t a huge fan of seeing everyone talk about how great Doug was in this final scene. I think it would have been better to see something like that earlier in the series. I’m guessing it’s meant to set up Doug’s death fake-out later.

Kirill knows how to make an exit

It’s been pretty established at this point that this show is full of meta jokes, but I still laughed when Kirill said this as the opening theme was playing in the background.

Yuri's copy is created

The resurrection of Yuri felt like it had some weird implications, since it was supposedly the copy and not the original Yuri who made the ultimate sacrifice. It’s implied that Yuri would have done the same thing, but it’s still a weird gap to me. However, I do have to admit that this Yuri face is amazing.

He's the weakest of the 144 generals

You know, this is a strangely appropriate ending for this series.

Final Score: 7/10

Gets a bit weird when the show finally gets serious, but the more ridiculous moments of the show are entertaining to watch. Also, super meta jokes work for me.

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