Golden Kamuy Final Episode (24): Changing sides again and again

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Sugimoto shows Nopperabu the dagger

I know better than to expect resolution from this series, so I thoroughly enjoyed this finale. I think the shifting alliances in this series are cool to watch, and I liked how Nopperabu was handled. It’s kind of sad to see Asirpa separate from Sugimoto, but it should be funny to watch how Sugimoto interacts with the 7th. As always, the many funny moments in this episode were spectacular.

Inudou can't bear the shame of his brother

Inudou’s story wasn’t too bad for how quick it was. I like that this show gives stories to the side characters, even if they’re doomed to die.

Nopperabu's plans are revealed

I do find the contrast between Sugimoto and Wilk interesting as a father figures for Asirpa. Wilk has great expectations for her, while Sugimoto just wants to keep her safe. I’d say both are valid, but they play out in very different ways. It’s too bad Wilk ends up being shot, but it wasn’t totally unexpected.

Kiroranke signals to Ogata

Kiroranke finally gets his story revealed, and it actually makes a lot of sense. It sounded like he just wants the Ainu to fight back against the other cultures that threaten them. It’s an extreme stance, but not an unreasonable one. It makes him an interesting faction.

Sugimoto and Tsurumi are brain damage pals

I like watching Sugimoto play the field in this extended war for the gold. He has his own motivations and has no issue allying with whoever is convenient. From the perspective of the audience, it gives us a good chance to look at the characters on each side.

Sugimoto knows that Ogata shot him

The big question for me in this episode was what Ogata’s motivations were. We’ve seen that he’s generally emotionless, so he could just be a mercenary for hire. I think it would be more fun if he had some kind of personal reason to join Kiroranke, though. Maybe I just missed something.

Sugimoto's brains are infecting people

I loved this joke about eating Sugimoto’s brains and inheriting his obsession with Asirpa.

Final Score: 7/10

Always enjoyable and funny to watch. This show is always surprisingly ridiculous for how serious it wants to be. I felt like the second half built upon the first half and took it to an even more absurd level, which ended up being totally fine.

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