Release the Spyce Final Episode (12): Graduation day

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Tendou watches the mission remotely

This episode had some good moments, but it’s pretty much the ending that I was expecting. As much as it makes sense given the setup so far, having everything just work out for the best in the end is still frustrating to see. I get that the nature of being a spy involves heavy misinformation, but this episode really didn’t add up for me. Maybe I’m just putting too much thought into it.

Explaining the evil plan with the gas

I still don’t understand the gas. In the earlier episode, we saw it completely change Goe’s behavior, but it eventually wore off. Based on this explanation, the effects should be permanent by the time the subject is receptive to commands. It’s possible that the gas hadn’t reached the level of applying permanent effects at the time of the original test, but that would mean that we end the show knowing very little about that initial experiment.

Mei reveals herself as a double agent

As I’ve said before, I have no issue with Mei being a double agent. The part that doesn’t fully make sense to me in this big reveal is the antidote for the special jelly. Hatsume isn’t told about the betrayal until right before her fake death, which means that Mei wouldn’t have been able to confirm that Hatsume had a working antidote readily available when she first took the poison.

Mei blows up a fake corpse

What exactly was the point of a fake corpse if it just gets destroyed in the explosion?

Tendou reboots the device

I know I’m not supposed to root for the bad guys, but Tendou rebooting the Gekkako device while the good guys were monologuing is honestly my favorite part of the episode.

Momo defeats Tendou

Also, I quite liked the fact that Momo isn’t bothered by Tendou’s taunts while they’re fighting, especially when Tendou reveals that she knows about the death of Momo’s father.

That being said, Tendou definitely fell down a dark chasm after being defeated by Momo. In anime terms, that means she should be alive.

Yuki chooses to graduate

I don’t have a problem with Yuki’s decision to graduate at the end, since the show has been foreshadowing it for a while. I would have preferred a bit more setup for her choice to remove her memories, though. From the perspective of the audience, it makes sense to end the show in that way, but it doesn’t fully add up for her character to make that choice. The only reason I could think of was that she wanted to completely split herself off from Tsukikage to remove Momo’s reliance on her.

Yuki gets her memories erased

With the combination of the last scene in this episode and the fact that the granny is revealed to be a former member of Tsukikage, I’m curious whether the graduated members truly lose their memories. Momo shoots Yuki off-screen, which could easily be a deception. Additionally, Yuki has spent the entire series lying to Momo, so it wouldn’t be a surprise that the extent of the memory erasure bullets is also a lie. Who knows? Maybe it’s just the scientist in me refusing to believe that there are magic bullets that can selectively erase everything about Tsukikage.

Final Score: 6/10

Fun atmosphere with solid music. I think this is a show that’s more enjoyable when you don’t think too hard about it, which makes it a poor match for someone like me.

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